How To Check Status of NRC Application Form Verification/Hearing Process.

NRC Assam Hearing: Is your NRC Application is pending for Verification? And want to check NRC Application form Verification Status Online, then You are in the right place. Yes! Today In this article I’m going to discuss How to Check NRC Application form hearing Status online.

Yes! NRC Assam has made a website called, where you can check your NRC application form status through your ARN (Application Receipt Number).

Now the question is Why should I Check my NRC Application Form Status?

Ok! Let us discuss the answers.

Why should I Check my NRC Application Form Status?

Before I answer this question, Let me tell you that we all know about NRC application form verification process. Where LRCR (local Register of Citizen Registration)/ALRCR/Local Officer send a notice to the family, who are eligible for the hearing process of their NRC application form. It means your given legacy documents need a physical verification by the LRCR.

In this Hearing process, LRCR asks some questions to the family members on their hearing types.

Here are the below-mentioned types of Hearing Process:

  • Family Tree
  • Gaon Panchayat
  • Lot Mandal
  • Circle Officer.

Therefore, Your Application should be check at NRC Official hearing website ( that is your application needs any verification process or not.

How to Check NRC Application Status for Hearing or Verification?

As I told you above, that NRC Assam has introduced a website called where you can check your NRC Application status, If your NRC needs hearing/Verification or not.


  • First of all,  you have to visit the official website of NRC application hearing portal (
  • Next, you will be able to see two empty boxes.
  • One is for ARN (Application Receipt Number)
  • Another one is for Captcha.
  • Fill these two boxes and click the Submit Button.
  • That’s it! Your Application form status will appear on your computer or mobile screens.

If your NRC needs verification or hearing, then you will see an image like this.

NRC Hearing Image

And If not then you will see the message like this.

Not Applicable For your ARN. 

What If The NRC Application Status Is Showing “No Record Found”?

If your Application status is showing “No Record Found”, then it means that your verification is under process or probably do not need to come for the hearing. But if your verification is under process then you might receive a letter to visit the hearing centre; if some confusion or error occurs in your NRC Application.

If you have any other query, then Call the officials NRC Helpline– 15107 (if you are in Assam). For outside Assam the NRC Helpline No. –18003453762

That’s all about NRC Hearing or Verification process. These steps mentioned above are for checking NRC Application status. I hope you got How to Check NRC Assam Hearing Process through ARN. You can also check NRC 2nd list, NRC Complete draft and NRC Assam Final result via online.

To Know Everything about  NRC Assam Hearing

If you have any question regarding this topic then feel free to comment below, We will reply as soon as possible. Also, don’t forget to share with others. Thank you.


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