Anundoram Borooah Award Scheme: How to apply for ARBAS ASSAM 2020?

ARBAS is acronyms derived from the Anundoram Borooah Award Scheme 2019-20; which is a unique scheme of Education (Secondary) Department awarded by Govt of Assam.

Each year HSLC, High Madrassa, and FM Examinations Aspirants were felicitated with Anundoram Borooah’s prestigious award for outstanding results in the Board Exams. In this article, I will be explaining all about the ARBAS Online Registration process including some important points of this HSLC Award Scheme. The section you see just below is about the latest updates on the Anundoram Borooad Award Scheme. If you are searching for any new updates you can just check this section-

Latest Updates: If you Are Looking for How to apply for ARBAS ASSAM 2020? Click the Button BElOW!!! ARBAS ASSAM 2020 will be different from 2019. As the candidates securing 75% and more will be rewarded with Cash Price instead of Laptop. Yes, a Cash price of Rs. 20000 will be awarded who secure equal to 75% or more.
The Price will be directly transferred to the Bank account of the Candidate through the DBT Method. Click the button below to know more about the ARBAS ASSAM 2020.

From Here BELOW YOU will find details and latest updates about Anundoram Borooah Award Scheme 2019:

[11.06.2020] Distribution of ARBAS-2019 package is to be started from 12-06-2020 at 9:00 AM onwards. Students are requested to go through the Distribution Schedule properly. You can read ARBAS 2019 Laptop Specification

Most Importantly note that students should bring the following documents with them while receiving the award.

  • Original copy of the HSLC Mark-Sheet.
  • One copy of recent passport photo.
  • Photocopy of Age Proof.

Download the Anundaram Borooah Award 2019 Distribution List for Each District

[07.06.2020]Good NEWS, Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma on a press meet held on 07.06.2020 at Janata Bhawan said that 2019 candidates will receive computers in their respective schools from next week.
However, HSLC/AHM/FM 2020 candidate will receive Cash instead of Computers
For more details – Click here

All the students entitled to receive Anundoram Borooah Award 2019 shall have to register online and fill up the datasheet. The following are the important dates-

Registration Start Date:6 November, 2019
Registration Closed Date:25 November, 2019
Anundoram Borooah Award
HSLC Anundoram Borooah Award 2020

About Anundoram Borooah Award Scheme:

Anundoram Borooah’s prestigious award scheme is of the great initiative taken by Assam Government. Students were not only learning the technicalities of the use of computers but also stay connected to the world; all because of this scheme. Moreover, it encourages students to do better in their HSLC results.

The pandemic situation of COVID 19 right now facing by the world, move the education department and its policy to the Online Mode. Anandaram Baruah Award Scheme will definitely play an important role now, for the previous awardee of ARBAS.

As we know the recent initiative taken by the Govt of Assam, Online classes are going on. So student who receive laptop on behalf of the scheme were benefited.

About Anundoram Borooah:

This article will be not completed if I will not introduce you to the eminent scholar of all times Anundoram Borooah (in Assamese it is আনন্দৰাম বৰুৱা). Assam Govt. brings justice to this award scheme by naming it on Anundoram Baruah.

Student read this carefully, Anundoram Borooah was the first Assamese and the fifth Indian to join the Indian Civil Service

Early Life and Career: This eminent scholar born at Rajaduar, North Guwahati on the 21st of May 1850. He did his school education from the Guwahati Government Seminary (now known as the Cotton Collegiate School), passed the Entrance Examination of Calcutta University in 1864, and joined the Presidency College.

He graduated in 1869 and topped in the examination held by the College to select candidates for studies in England. He arrived in England in the spring of 1869. He was selected for the Indian Civil Service in 1872. He served in many capacities in Assam and the undivided Bengal.

Anundoram Borooah’s Work: He published some important and rare Sanskrit classics such as Mahavircharita, Saraswatikanthabharna and Namalinganusasana, along with his own commentaries, noted among them being Janakiramabhashya. His other works include Bhavabhuti and His Place in Sanskrit Literature and Ancient Geography of India.

He started the compilation of the English Sanskrit Dictionary from 1873-74 and completed the same in 1877. Anundoram, also known as Assamese Amarsingha, for having mastered Amarkosa (a thesaurus in Sanskrit) at an early age of fourteen, planned his magnum opus in twelve volumes on Sanskrit Grammar, an enterprise more arduous and prodigious than undertakings of any other scholar of his time. Two of the volumes, which alone he could bring out before his demise, were devoted to prosody and lexicography (the activity or occupation of compiling dictionaries) and draw out the admiration of Max Muller.

About the Project ARBAS:

Anundoram Borooah Award Scheme was first introduced by Govt of Assam, in 2005. This prestigious award was given to the outstanding students securing First Division in the board examination like HSLC, High Madrassa, and FM Examinations conducted by SEBA and State Madrassa Education Board, Assam. At the early stage, people believe that it is a political tactic of Govt, but soon it became the famous and trending scheme for Matric students in Assam. Also, tremendous support is given by parents and teachers.

Under the ARBAS, the admirable students were felicitated with the Anundoram Borooah Certificate along with a personal computer. Also, students get the alternative to have money instead of the PC as a scholarship. The outcome of this award scheme is that it increases the competitive spirits among the Class 10 students. You can also refer the list given at the FAQ Section below and understand the increasing growth.

Soon after 2005, the scheme continues to the next year and so on distribution goes on throughout the State to date. Personal Computers become more compact and finally, the laptop is on-trend.

From, 2017 the trend of First class is level up to Star make holders and distinction Holder. Since then students who enlisted their name in Star Mark Holder List or Distinction holder list, only receive this prestigious award. It only boosts up the competitive spirit of HSLC and motivate them towards study, High Madrassa, and FM Examinations Aspirants AHM. What you think about that let us know in the comment section below.

ARBAS Online Registration 2019 Details:

Anundoram Borooah Award Scheme 2020 Online process is pretty much simple and easy. In that view, I also have added the infographic image for you guys. I know how much visual image impacts; however read the steps to know the information in detail.

ARBAS Assam Online STEPS
How to Apply Online for Anundaram Borooah Award Scheme

Documents Required for Online Registration:

Few documents are needed for the Online Registration, some of them have to be scan to upload in the process. The following are the important documents needed for the ARBAS Online Process; note that documents mentioned below in no.3 and no.4 points need to be uploaded –

  1. HSLC, High Madrassa, and FM Examinations Admit Card for the Registration Online, you will be needed your Roll Code, Roll no. ,
  2. Marksheet for Total Marks Obtained,
  3. Pass Certificate duly attested and countersigned by the Head of the Institution from which the applicant passed out in PDF file format. Note that maximum file size should be 300kb,
  4. A self-attested passport size photograph of the applicant in JPG file format. Note that maximum file size should be 50kb,

ARBAS Assam Online Application Steps:

I hope you have arranged the documents as said above. If yes then you are ready to learn the STEPS below, about how to apply for ARBAS Assam Online-

STEP 1: Visit the Official Site

It is important that you register yourself on the correct website. Nowadays, it is difficult to know which is the correct official site to register. Also, note that the choice of your browser. For official works, you must only depend on the safe and secure browser app like Google Chrome, Firefox, etc. So here is the official site to register for ARBAS Assam Scheme-

Soon after you reach the official website on your browser, ( I recommend Google Chrome) you will find the link Online Registration Anundoram Borooah Award Scheme: How to apply for ARBAS ASSAM 2020? 1 » AssamCareer.Net or the button ” Click Here for Online Registration” Anundoram Borooah Award Scheme: How to apply for ARBAS ASSAM 2020? 2 » AssamCareer.Net.

STEP 2: Register/ Log in

By Clicking on the link or button as shown above; you will be lead to the Online Registration of Student’s Data Sheet. Here its look like this-

Anundoram Borooah Award Scheme: How to apply for ARBAS ASSAM 2020? 3 » AssamCareer.Net

Now you need to enter your Roll no, Roll Code & Total Marks obtained, and Click on the Submit Button.

STEP 3: Enter your details

Next you will be seeing the Beneficiary Data Sheet; in this step you have to fill details of the five main tabs as follows-

  • Basic Details,
  • Address Details,
  • School Details,
  • Present College Details,
  • Other Details.

For better view check the info graphic image given below-

ARBAS Application process info graphic image
Anundaram Borooah Award scheme Beneficiary Data Sheet steps

STEP 4: Upload Documents

Soon after you submit the above details correctly, now its time to upload your documents and Passport photo. For this you have to select the file type first, and then click on Choose file where the document is. Here take a peek on how the steps look like-

Anundoram Borooah Award Scheme: How to apply for ARBAS ASSAM 2020? 4 » AssamCareer.Net

STEP 5: Print the Acknowledgement

After successfully filled the datasheet and uploaded the documents as mentioned above steps, you will get an acknowledgment of your registration and that’s when you are successfully registered for Anundaram Borooah Award, 2020.

FAQ of Anondaram Baruah Award Scheme Rewards:

The following are some FAQs on Anundoram Borooah Award Scheme, if your query is not included in among the below, then mention your query in the comment section.

Who Are Eligible to receive the Award?

Students who secure Star Marks (75% – 84 %) or Distinction Marks in HSLC, High Madrassa, and FM Examinations are eligible to receive the Award. Earlier the threshold was 60% but now the Assam Govt decide to provide this award only for the students who score a minimum aggregate percentage 75 percent. Note the student should also register in to receive Anandaram Borooah Award.

It was from 2017 onward that only Star & Distinction marks holders can receive this award. Guess now the student competition level gets another boost to achieve this award.

Who is the implementing agency of Anundaram Borooah Award Scheme?

The Assam Electronics Development Corporation Ltd. (AMTRON) is the nodal Implementing Agency for the scheme under the guidance of Secondary Education Department.

When student of 2019 receive the ARBAS Award?

After the announcement made by Dr. Himanta Biswa on 07 June 2020, about the ARBAS 2019 Distribution will begin soon, the official notification for ARBAS 2019 Laptop distribution list for Kamrup Metro District is published. The distribution of ARBAS 2019 for Kamrup Metro begins from 12 June.

Therefore Other district students, now its a matter of time soon other district list will published. Stay tuned with Assam Career .NET for latest updates!

What if one’s want to get cash instead of PC?

The implementing agency will advertise in leading daily newspaper of Assam inviting applications from students willing to avail cash award in instead of Laptop package. The interested students will have to apply for the cash award in instead of the Laptop to the Managing Director, AEDC Ltd. (AMTRON), Industrial Estate, Bamunimaidan, Guwahati-21 through the Head of the Institution with Bank A/c No. of the student. The students whose applications are received on or before the last date specified in the advertisement, will only be eligible for cash award under the scheme. AMTRON makes arrangement to deliver/distribute the Laptops and other equipment to the awardees at every District Headquarter of Assam.

What are the ARBAS 2019 Laptop Specification?

ARBAS 2019 Laptop Specification-

  • AMD A6 7350B Dual Core or Higher with TDP 15W or Less
  • 1TB SATA 5400 RPM
  • 4GB DDR-4-2133 MHz RAM
  • OS: Amtron SuperX OS
  • 14 “1366 X 768 pixel HD LED-backlit

Other items provided with the laptop:

  • Along with the laptop, SIM card, and Wi-Fi device, there will be online education material for the students of Class XI and XII and excellent training for the students of Science Stream.
  • Not more than 2.5 kgs including charger
  • Memory Card Reader
  • Webcam
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Lithium-Ion Battery

ARBAS Assam 2019 Result Abstract:

The following are the list of awardee of last year, yet to receive the award-

High School Leaving Certificate(HSLC):

  • Distinction holders: 5558
  • Star mark holders: 11333

High Madrassa:

  • Distinction holders : 20
  • Star mark holders : 95

Senior Madrassa:

  • Distinction holders : 1
  • Star mark holders : 31

Last Year (2019) Awardee’s List:

If you want to find the awardee names for district wise follow the link shared below-

Visit the link and first select the district and then the school type. Next you click on the search button and the list will appear infront of you.

Overall number of ARBAS award recipient per year since 2005:

YearNumber of Awardees
2005 12,756
2006 13,493
2008 17,331
2009 17,356
2014 40,200
2016 54197

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