Assam Public Services CCE 2020| How to apply Online?

APSC CCE 2020 Exam Notice is Out!! Now candidates can apply Online for the total 331 vacancies in various departments. If you have not read the official advertisement of the APSC CCE 2020 Examination- Visit Here and go thoroughly.

APSC CCE Examination is the most prestigious, popular, and trending Civil Service examination among the young aspirants of Assam. “Young & deserving aspirants” what APSC looking for to serve and lead the various department in the State Assam. The reason behind to cover this article is to introduce you to Assam Public Services Combined Competitive Examination 2020. Due to the lack of knowledge about the APSC CCE Examination among the Job Seekers, the deserving aspirants always left behind to be a Civil Servants.

WHAT IS APSC CCE Examination?

So now let us cover the main topic of the article APSC CCE Examination!! APSC is the acronym of the Assam Public Service Commission; while CCE is the acronym of Combine Competitive Examination. APSC CCE is a Civil Service Examination most like UPSC CSE, but there is a little difference between both of the examinations though. In other words, you can say APSC CCE is the ticket to become a Civil Servant of Assam. To know more about the history of PSC’s Follow my article “Assam Public Service Commission (APSC) A Brief Introduction

Erstwhile APSC CCE Examination has three scrutinised steps which select the best one to be Civil Servants. These are Preliminary Examination, Mains Examination and Viva Voice. Recently on August 2019, there are few more amends on APSC Combined Competitive Examination, Rules 1989. The scrutinised method remains the same, but now it is called Part A (Preliminary Examination) and Part B [Main Examination( Written and Interview Test)]. Also, huge changes made in the syllabus and examination pattern. The NEW Assam Public Services Combined Competitive Examination (Amendment) Rules, 2019; mentioned that the CCE two-stage examination holds for the following services-

APSC held Combined Competitive Examination on every two years of gaps, lastly APSC CCE (Mains) 2018 examination was held in August. Which results is yet to be declared. Therefore, you must start your preparation now for the upcoming APSC CCE 2020 Exam. Okay, you must now want to know- what is APSC CCE Mains? Let us just discussed it in detail!!

How to Prepare for APSC CCE/DR Exam in 2020

APSC CCE Civil Services Positions:

1.The Assam Civil Service (Jr Grade),11. Inspector of Excise,
2. The Assam Land and Revenue Service (Jr. Grade),12. Senior Inspector / Auditor of Co-operative Society,
3. The Assam Police Service (Jr Grade),13. Assistant Employment Officer,
4. Labour Officer,14. Block Developement Officer(BDO),
5. Superintendent of Taxes,15. Extension Officer( Credit)
6. Superintendent of Excise,16. Sub-Registrar,
7. Assistant Registrar of Co operative Societies,17. Child Development Project Officer(CDPO)
8. District Transport Officer,18. Inspector of Legal Metrology,
9. Inspector of Labour,19. Assistant Manager of Industries,
10. Inspector of Taxes,20. Any other services and posts which the Government may include in consultation with the commission.
Candidates shall be allotted to various services keeping in view their ranks in the examination and (respective) preference expressed by them for different posts and reservations therein.

Read further below to know more about the Latest APSC CCE Examination Pattern.

APSC CCE Latest Examination Pattern:

Under the new rules of Assam Public Services Combined Competitive Examination (Amendment) Rules, 2019; the CCE Examination is not less compared to the UPSC CSE Level. Well, one of the biggest reason behind the amendment is that the aspirants can prepare for both APSC and UPSC Civil Services examination in one go. Let us now see the new APSC CCE Examination Pattern.

Comparisons between the APSC CCE New Examination pattern with the old one-

Part A (Preliminary Examination):
1. Paper I (GS* I): MCQ* based, 200 marks, 2 hrs
2. Paper II (GS II): MCQ based, 200 marks, 2 hrs
Preliminary Examination:
1. Paper I (GS): MCQ based, 200 marks, 2 hrs
2. Paper II(Optional Subject): MCQ based, 200 marks, 2 hrs
Part B [Main Examination (Written and Interview Test)]:

Written Examination: Consist of eight papers of Conventional Essay type/ Objective Type and two qualifying Language Papers.

1. Paper 1 (Essay): 250 Marks, 3 hrs,
2. Paper 2 (GS): 250 Marks, 3 hrs,
3. Paper 3 (GS): 250 Marks, 3 hrs,
4. Paper 4 (GS): 250 Marks, 3 hrs,
5. Paper 5 (GS): 250 Marks, 3 hrs,
6. Paper 6 (GS): 250 Marks, 3 hrs,
7. Paper 7 (Opt Sub Paper 1): 250 Marks, 3 hrs,
8. Paper 8 (Opt Sub Paper 2): 250 Marks, 3 hrs

Qualifying Papers:
1. Paper A– Assamese, Bengali, Bodo. (300 marks, 3 Hrs)
2. Paper B- English (300 marks, 3 Hrs)
Interview TEST:
After qualifying Mains Written Test candidate will call for Interview. The Interview TEST holds 275 marks.

Total Marks= 2275 marks
Main Examination:

Written Examination:
1. General English: Marks 300, Duration 3 hrs
2. GS: Marks 300, Duration 3 hrs
3. Opt Subject 1 :-
(a) Paper 1: 200 Marks, 3 hrs
(b) Paper 2: 200 Marks, 3 hrs
4. Opt Subject 2 :-
(a) Paper 1: 200 Marks, 3 hrs
(b) Paper 2: 200 Marks, 3 hrs

*Any two optional subjects to be selected from the list of optional subjects (two papers each

Interview TEST: After qualifying Mains Written Test candidate will call for Interview. The Interview TEST holds 200 marks.

Total Marks= 1600 marks
GS- General Studies, MCQ- Multiple Choice Questions, opt-optional

The Full Syllabus for APSC Prelims and Mains is discussed below!

APSC CCE Preliminary Examination 2020:

Unlike the old syllabus, the new examination pattern includes a huge syllabus. Assam Public Services CCE Preliminary Examination new syllabus is shown as below-

APSC CCE Preliminary General Studies Paper I:

APSC CCE Preliminary General Studies Paper II:

APSC CCE Main Examination 2020:

The Mains Examination of APSC CCE is quite alike with the UPSC CSE. I have already given a comparison between the New & Old APSC Mains Syllabus. Here let us know more about the syllabus in detail. Assam Public Services CCE Main Examination 2020; comprises of Written Test on Two Qualifying Papers, One Essay Paper, Five GS papers and Two Optional papers. In addition to those written test; Interview Test is also included for 275 marks. Note that the final merit list is made up of this 2275 marks of APSC CCE Mains Exam. Your marks secured in Mains written and the Interview; determined your rank on the merit list. If your score is good enough, accordingly your rank reflects on the merit list and accordingly, you will be rewarded with your choice of Service.

Written Test:

The Written Test comprises of questions Conventional Essay type/ Objective Type. Here are the detailed syllabus of the Written Test Papers for APSC CCE Main Examination-

APSC CCE Mains Qualifying Language Papers:

The APSC CCE Mains examinations include the qualifying papers to check the ability of the candidates whether he/ she can express his/ her knowledge in local as well as official English language or not. There will be two qualifying papers and the minimum qualifying marks will be decided by the commission. Notably, these marks are not going to count preparing the written merit list. However, passing in both the paper is mandatory for the selection.

Paper A: Assamese/ Bodo/ Bengali

Paper B: English

APSC CCE Mains Essay Papers: Marks Counted

The applicant will have to write an essay on a specific topic of choices. The candidate can write the essay in the medium or language of his own choice. This paper is for 3 hours duration and marks awarded is 250 marks.

APSC CCE Mains General Studies Papers:

In the New APSC CCE Main Examination pattern there is five GS paper. These GS Papers Syllabus is discussed one by below-

General Studies Paper I:

  • Marks: 250 Marks, Objective Type
  • Time: Three Hours Duration,
  • Syllabus: Indian History, Heritage, Culture and Society and Geography of the India and World. For the full Syllabus please visit here- APSC CCE Main General Studies Paper I.

General Studies Paper II:

  • Marks: 250 Marks, Objective Type
  • Time: Three Hours Duration,
  • Syllabus: Governance, Constitution, Polity, Social Justice and International Relations. For the full Syllabus please visit here- APSC CCE Main General Studies Paper II.

General Studies Paper III:

  • Marks: 250 Marks, Objective Type
  • Time: Three Hours Duration,
  • Syllabus: Technology, Economic Development, Bio-Diversity, Environment, Security and Disaster Management. For the full Syllabus please visit here- APSC CCE Main General Studies Paper III.

General Studies Paper IV:

General Studies Paper V:

  • Marks: 250 Marks, Objective Type
  • Time: Three Hours Duration,
  • Syllabus: This paper is related to Assam’s History, Heritage, Culture, Geography, Governance, Polity, Social Justice, International Relations, Economic Development, Bio-Diversity, Environment, Security and Disaster Management of Assam. For the full Syllabus please visit here- APSC CCE Main General Studies Paper V.
APSC CCE Mains Optional Papers:

There is two optional papers written test for APSC CCE Mains Exam. Moreover, note that for the Paper 7 & 8 candidate have to select only one optional subject. For the selected subject there is a syllabus for optional paper 1 and optional paper 2. Both the papers hold 250 Marks each. Also, the Duration of time is three hours for each of the papers. For the Syllabus please check the table below, click on the optional subject of your choice and check the details-

1. Agriculture14. Literature of any one of the following languages: Sanskrit, Assamese, Bodo, Hindi, Bengali, English.
2. Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science15. Management
3. Anthropology16. Mathematics
4. Botany17. Mechanical Engineering
5. Chemistry18. Medical Science
6. Civil Engineering19. Philosophy
7. Commerce and Accountancy20. Physics
8. Economics21. Political Science and International Relations
9. Electrical Engineering22. Psychology
10. Geography23. Public Administration
11. Geology24. Sociology
12. History25. Statistics
13. Law26. Zoology

Interview TEST:

Finally, after the Mains Written Test Result is declared; the candidates making entry to the merit list now need to appear for Interview. The interview comprises of 275 marks. This interview is not just the general introduction, APSC wants to make sure whether the candidate is suitable for the post or NOT. After all, it is the Civil Services Post. Here are some topics related to interview- APSC CCE Interview Topics

How to prepare for APSC CCE 2020?

Looking at the above syllabus you might now have a brief idea of how much hard work had to be done for being a Civil Servant. The idea behind changing the CCE Exam pattern is to prepare for UPSC CSE along with APSC CCE at the same time. Therefore candidate preparing for CCE has the advantages to apply for UPSC CSE also.

Now the question is how to prepare for the Exam? The best way is to take coaching. But it is more expensive. Whereas I suggest preparing on your own is the simple and best way. Because it is less expensive. The only thing is you must have the will to learn new things.

Cheap Coaching for APSC/UPSC with AASC:

Well, let me tell you the most noteworthy point of the article. Assam Administrative Staff College takes a great initiative for the young aspirant of Assam. Each year they organized the Pre-Examination Training Programme for Central Civil Services (IAS etc) Examinations. So the aspirants can take coaching from AASC for that you have to appear in the selection test. Recently AASC held their Pre Examination Training Written Examination on 4th August 2019. Here are some of the details of the AASC Pre Examination Training Programme-

  • Duration: 6 Months
  • Venue: Assam Administrative Staff College, Khanapara, Guwahati -22)
  • Subjects: General Studies, CSAT.
  • Intake strength: 60
  • Fees on the selection of the course: Rs.5000.00

All you need to do now is to follow the website; for getting admission in the next training sessions for Civil Servants.

You might have the question of what book needs to be followed for the APSC CCE 2020 Preparation? Well, I am not an expert to give you the right answer to that question. Though I will get back to you on this topic soon!! Meanwhile, why don’t you subscribe to our website; for any latest updates regarding the APSC CCE 2020? Here is the free subscription form-

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How to Apply for APSC CCE 2020?

So here we come to the application part Now!! The most interesting part of the APSC CCE 2020 Examination is; this time the application process will be Online. APSC never conduct an online application process so far. The previous year in 2018, the application process is totally Offline. The intending candidates have to apply online using the official website

STEPS to Fill APSC CCE Online application:

  • Applicants are first required to go to the APSC’s recruitment website- and register himself or herself by clicking on ‘Register Here’ link. Or click the button given below-


  • Applicants are required to have a valid Email ID and Mobile Number for registering and creating login credentials.
  • After creating an account, applicants need to log in with the credentials.
  • After login, the applicant will be able to see the live advertisements of APSC in ‘Apply Section’.
  • The applicants are advised to read the eligibility criteria and other relevant details carefully before applying for the advertisement. Mandatory fields in the online form are marked with * (asterisk) sign.
  • Online Application Form is available in English and Assamese Language but it can only be filled in English Language.
  • The applicant can click on ‘Apply’ to fill up the application form.
  • An applicant is required to upload the scanned images of his/her recent photograph and signature in JPG/JPEG format.
    • Size of the photograph (passport size) (Min size-20 KB & Max size–200 KB) and resolution 155 pixel (Width) X 250 pixel (Height)
    • Size of the signature (Min size-15 KB & Max size–200 KB) and resolution 155 pixel (Width) X 105 pixel (Height)
  • The applicant should carefully fill all the information as asked in the application form and click on the declarations checkbox to enable the ‘Preview’ button before final submission.
  • After reviewing the details as filled in by the applicant he/she can either click ‘Submit’ for final submission or click ‘Cancel’ button for necessary corrections before final submission.
  • Applicants must ensure all relevant fields in the application are filled in correctly before final submission, since editing/cancellation after final submission will not be allowed.
  • On completion of form submission applicant has to pay the application fee along with the processing fee as applicable.
  • The application fee once paid by the applicant will not be refunded.
  • In case of failure of the payment, the applicant should click on the button ‘Validate Payment’ to verify the payment from the bank. In instances of double debit i.e. amount debited twice for the same transaction, the bank will automatically refund the fee to the applicant within 5-7 working days.
  • On successful completion of your complete application, an auto-generated email message will be sent on your registered email-id.
  • Applicant’s application will not be considered if the fee is not paid for that application.
  • Applicant may also fill their online form through Common Service Centers. Applicants without debit card/Internet banking may visit the nearest CSCs.
  • Candidates with less than 40% disability will not be considered for any relaxation which is applicable to Persons with benchmark disability candidates.

Some Important FAQs on APSC CCE Examination 2020:

Now its time for some FAQ!! If you have not find whats you are looking for, I would like to take your queries on the comment section below. Just mentioned it!

What is the min Qualification required for APSC CCE?

You must be an Indian, hold a Degree of any discipline from any of the recognized Universities. Most importantly note that you must possess the prescribed qualification on the date of submission of their applications. If you are awaiting for results for qualifying the examination eligibility; then its better not to apply.

Moreover, Persons with Disabilities should ascertain the post; for which a particular category of disability will be entitled for reservation in the advertisement. Also, the candidate should apply/opt for the preference accordingly at the time of filling up the forms for Main Examination.

Is there any Age limitation for APSC CCE 2020 Examination?

Of course, there is!! If you are willing to apply then you must attain the age of 21 years as on first January of the year. Also, your age must not exceed more than 38 years as on the first January of the year.

Besides, there is age relaxation for certain candidates belonging to OBC/ MOBC/ ST/SC/ PWD. The candidate belonging to OBC/ MOBC category gets three years of age relaxation; while SC/ST five years and 10 years for the PWD candidate.

According to the latest notification on 08 September 2020, the candidate should not be less than 21 years and more than 38 years of age on 01.01.2020. The upper age limit is relaxable

  • 5 years for SC/STP/STH candidates i.e. up to 43 years.
  • By 3 years for OBC/MOBC candidates i.e. up to 41 years as per Govt. Notification No. ABP.6/2016/9 dated Dispur the 25th April, 2018.
  • For persons with Benchmark Disabilities (PWBD) by 10 years irrespective of SC/ST/OBC and General Category of candidates as per Govt. Notification No. ABP 144/95/121 dated Dispur the 28th October, 2015.

Is there any negative marks?

Yes, there is a penalty of -0.25 marks for the wrong answer. There is negative marking for incorrect answers for all the questions; except some of the questions where the negative marking will be inbuilt in the form of different marks being awarded; to the most appropriate and not so appropriate answer for such question.

Most Importantly if any candidates give more than answers it will be treated as the wrong answer, even though one of the given answers is correct. And accordingly, one-fourth of the marks will be deducted. However, there is no deduction of marks if a question-answer left blank.

How much application fees required to apply?

Yes, application fees are required. However, female candidates are exempted from the application fee. In all other cases, the fees shall be decided by the commission.

Earlier, the candidates belong to the PWD/ BPL category were also exempted from the application fees. The remaining category of candidates had to pay Rs. 250 in the form of treasury challan. Since the APSC CCE 2020 application process is Online, we could hope for the online transaction this time.

Application Fees Structure of APSC CCE 2020 Examination:

Assam Public Services CCE 2020| How to apply Online? 1 » AssamCareer.Net

When APSC CCE 2020 Exam will held?

Well, this is an interesting question to arise in your mind. The candidates already preparing for the APSC CCE 2020 must be really impatient so far. Since the CCE Mains 2018 final result is not Out, it is expected the APSC CCE 2020 Examination Date notification will be released in 2020 last or 2021 first month.

We will keep you update rewarding this so visit our website Assam Career.NET regularly. Like us on Face book to get notification.


Finally, we have come to the end of this article. I must say since you have the patients to read the article; definitely you have the patients to prepare for the APSC CCE or UPSC CSE. Go for it!! However, the bitter truth is APSC CCE is not a cup of tea; which can be sip easily. Months of preparations with sincerity and regularity is needed. Most of the APSC aspirants leave their dreams on the halfway and settle down to some other Jobs. I am not demotivating to you! But its the Truth!

Anyway, this is the end of the article, if you have any suggestions please mention it!! I will be glad to know it!! Also, do share the article on Facebook, Whatsapp or any other social media I don’t know! Just share it! Thank YOU!

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