Atmanirbhar Bharat Part 4 Briefing by Nirmala Sitharaman

Attending the fourth Tranche briefing press conference of Atmanirbhar Bharat at Delhi, Smt Nirmala Sitharaman and Mr. Anurag Thakur today start the conference explaining the various reforms which have made earlier like Direct Benefit Transfer, GST, IBC, Public sector bank reforms, etc. The topic discussed today is on structural reforms, a new horizon of growth. Total 8 reform has announced today on the sector like Coal, Minerals, Defence production, Civil Aviation, Distribution Companies in UTs, Social Infrastructure Space, Atomic Energy.

The Following are the highlighted points of the various reforms-

Coal Sector Reforms: Commercial mining in Coal Sector will introduce by Govt. The new policy reforms will have-

  • Revenue SHaring mechanism instead of a regime of fixed Rupee/tonne
  • Entry Norms will be liberalized
  • Exploration cum production regime for partially explored blocks
  • production earlier than scheduled will be incentivized through rebate in revenue share.
  • Coal Gasification / Liquefication will be incentivized through rebate in revenue share
  • Infrastructure development of Rs, 50000 crores,

Mineral Sector Reforms: Private Investments in the Mineral Sector will be enhanced. Introduction of a seamless composite exploration cum mining cum production. Structural reforms to boost growth, employment by the exploration of 500 mining blocks would be offered through an open and transparent auction process.

Defence Production Reforms: Enhancing Self Reliance through “Make in India” in Defence production. Ordnance Factory will be corporatised but will not privatise. FDI limit in the defence manufacturing under automatic route will be raised from 49 % to 74 %.

Civil Aviation Reforms: Reduction in Flying cost Rs. 1000 crores efficient Airspace Management. Restrictions on the utilisation of the Indian Air SPace will be eased. Optimal utilization of airspace, reduction in the fuel use time. More World Class Airports through PPP. India to become a global hub for Aircraft Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO).

Power Distribution Company Reforms: The Power Discoms in Union Territories will be privatized, which will lead to better service to consumers and improvement in operational and financial efficiency in distribution. Tariff Policy will be Reform in Consumers Rights, Promote Industry, Sustainability of Sector.

Social Infrastructure Project: Govt will boost private sector investment in Social Infrastructure through revamped viability gap funding scheme Rs. 8100 Crores.

Space Reforms: Indian Private Sector will be allowed to use ISRO Facilities and other relevant assets to improve their capacities. Reforms on Liberal Geo-Spatial data policy for providing remote sensing data to tech entrepreneurs.

Atomic Energy Reforms: Govt will establish a research reactor in PPP mode for the production of medical isotopes- promote the welfare of humanity through affordable treatment for cancer and other diseases. Another reform is to link India’s robust start-up ecosystem to the nuclear sector- Technology Development cum Incubation Centres will be set up.

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