COVID 19 special e-Initiative by Education Department|Govt of Assam

Tackling & containing the Corona Virus in a various manner; Central and State govt. has taken great steps so far simultaneously managing the other department too. Similarly, the Education Department of Assam has too took a few steps to fill the disturbance or gap during these days. In that context, today Govt of Assam in collaboration with the Education Department finds an interesting way to engage students learning in a different electronic medium.

The news is officially published in The Assam Tribune NEWS Paper. Assam Govt is broadcasting a routine e-classes for upper & lower primary school to minimize the learning impact causes due to COVID 19. The e-classes will be broadcasting in different electronic mediums like Radio, Television, Mobile (youtube, Diksha platform). Followings are the time table of the broadcasting in different electronic medium-

Television Timetable: Television is always been a great medium or learning tool in India, and Assam govt has found a way to use it, to provide TeleClasses for Class IX & X. The teleclasses of Class IX & X on science and Mathematics are being telecast for four days in a week on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 10:00 to 11:15 AM through Doordarshan, Assam.

Radio Timetable: One of the oldest electronic medium Radio back centuries, Popularity of Radio might have been decreased but still Radio has been a great interactive tool and is useful from time to time. Therefore Assam Govt has chosen the tool, to broadcast Radio Programme for the students of Primary and upper primary level. Radio Programme is being broadcast every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 5:45 PM to 6:00 PM.

Mobile Medium: The modern invention of today’s how can be left behind. Youtube and various e-learning apps are almost being helpful to express talent and knowledge during Lockdown. However, Assam Govt publishing a few programs / e-contents in Youtube and Diksha Platform which can be available 24×7. I mean its an app and you can utilize it to gain knowledge at any time.

  • Youtube: There is a channel on Youtube named ” Biswa Vidya Assam” for Students of Assam. The e-classes are available for class VI to Class X for Science, Mathematics, and English Vocabulary, and Grammar are available in Assamese Medium.
  • Diksha: The e-learning platform for students “DIKSHA” app with e-contents developed by teachers and “Biswa Vidya Assam” Mobile app initiated by Govt of Assam are available.


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