Difference Between Final NRC & Complete Draft NRC?

Complete Draft NRC & FInal NRC Explained: Hello Guys, Did you ever asked yourself what is the Differences between Final NRC & Complete draft NRC? If Not! Then this article may help you to understand the difference between Final NRC & Complete Draft NRC. Read this article to the end to know everything about the Final NRC & Complete Draft NRC.

We all heard about NRC Assam; which is going to flush out all the foreigner who was staying in Assam illegally. So, therefore Government of Assam has launched NRC (National Register of Citizenship) in Assam on 27th Feb 2015. And they committed us to publish two drafts before publishing the final NRC. One of the drafts is published as First Part of Draft NRC in 31st December 2017 (Midnight). According to Wikipedia, currently, Assam has 31,205,576 Population. So, It’s not possible to verify all people just in a single draft. Therefore, Now the Govt of Assam extended the process of NRC and ready to publish their 2nd draft or Complete Draft NRC in Assam.

And as per the latest report, The Complete Draft NRC will be published on 30th July 2018. And I would like to clear you that is not a Final NRC. We have to wait for few more months to get the Final NRC. On 30 July 2018, we will get only the Complete Draft NRC.

Now let me remind you the core topic of this post what is the Differences between Final NRC & Complete draft NRC? Let us first understand What is Final NRC? What is Complete Draft NRC?


What is Complete Draft NRC & Final NRC?

The Complete Draft NRC is a complete draft where all existing names are included. What I mean is complete draft NRC is the 2nd Draft NRC with the objection and claims. Which is going to short out in the Final NRC.

On the other hand, Final NRC is a list, where the true Indian citizen names are included without any Claims. What it means is that after the completion or solution of the disposal of claims and the objections registers at various levels, namely, Local Register of Citizens (LRC), Circle Register of Citizens (CRC), and the District Register of Citizens (DRC), a list will be produced which will be known as Final Updated NRC (NRC for the state).

Here in below is some point on the basic difference of Final NRC & Complete draft NRC have a look!

What are the Differences between Complete Draft & Final NRC?

  1. Complete draft NRC is a 2nd part draft where all existing Indian citizen names are included which is not included in the first part draft. On the other hand, Final NRC is not a draft. It is a complete list where all verified Indian citizen names are listed. Final NRC is like a card where the government says us that we are true Indian Citizen, not a foreigner.
  2. Complete Draft NRC can be changed, but we can’t change Final NRC.
  3. After the publication of Complete draft NRC, If your names not included in the draft NRC, then you can reapply it again. But after the publication of Final NRC, You can reapply the NRC Application.
  4. If your names come out wrong in the complete draft NRC, then you can correct it again, but after the publication of Final NRC, You cannot.

These are the main differences between Complete draft & Final NRC. We will update it, once we got some other differences between these two topics of NRC Assam.

Infographic chart of NRC Assam updated process:

Infographic design of NRC Updation in Assam

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