Download NCERT Textbooks for Class I to XII

Looking for NCERT Textbooks? Guess what, You can not only get NCERT Textbooks links for any subject from class 1 to class 12, but also download it as PDF in Hindi,English & Urdu Language and keep it for future uses. In this very article I am sharing the useful information to you about NCERT eBooks.

National Council of Education Research and Training simply NCERT take a great steps to provide students NCERT Textbooks in e-version from class-1 up to class-12. Just imagine how much tree NCERT saves by taking this simple initiatives. On the other hand eBooks are most important for the students who cannot afford it. Moreover, NCERT ebook provide a advance access to the students for interacting with their upcoming textbooks.

In case you want to Download AHSEC Class 12 e-Books in Assamese Language visit here

Let us now know how you can actually download these ebooks from ncert official After that you can make your own pocket Library and get access to any of the text books you want. So lets get started!

NCERT Textbooks

Downloading process of NCERT TextBooks

To Download the NCERT eBooks first visit the official website Opening the website on any browser (especially I preferred google Chrome) you have to follow the steps below-

STEP 1: First of you have to take your mouse and hover around the Publication TabDownload NCERT Textbooks for Class I to XII 1 » AssamCareer.Net, then you will be seeing various options. You don’t have to go for everyone to download the Textbooks. Just click on any of the two options named as Flipbook or PDF(I-XII). Here I have marked the circle in blue and red in the image below-

Download NCERT Textbooks for Class I to XII 2 » AssamCareer.Net

Note: Now let me mentioned a few things, the difference between the Flipbook and PDF is only the presentation. Flipbook is more like you are viewing a book whereas PDF views are one after another vertically. However, a most important difference is – Choosing PDF tabs you can download eBooks with the Urdu Language also whereas flipbook has not the Urdu e-versions.

STEP 2: What ever option you choose this step is common to both of them, Now you have to select your class, subject and book title.
Download NCERT Textbooks for Class I to XII 3 » AssamCareer.Net
Once you select press the GO button Download NCERT Textbooks for Class I to XII 4 » AssamCareer.Net.

STEP 3: Next, you have to find the attached link as Download Complete Book as PDF (in Flipbook option) / Download Complete Book (in PDF(I-XII) option),

Download NCERT Textbooks for Class I to XII 5 » AssamCareer.Net or Download NCERT Textbooks for Class I to XII 6 » AssamCareer.Net

voila!!! PDF is being Download automatically in a ZIP file and You extract the PDF latter. Note that after the PDF is available in chapter wise, therefore while extracting the zip file; extract it in a folder.

Before I end the article one important points needed to be mentioned about NCERT eBooks website. If you had noticed earlier on the image of eBooks; there are some other links like ePUB, State/UTs e-Textbooks (ePUB) and vocational Education. Let us know about these tab too-

  • ePUB: In this tab you will get a link to Simple EPUB Reader Extension. Which is helpful for opening .epub extension files.
  • State/UTs e-Textbooks (ePUB): Here you will find various links to some of the State and Union Territories special books or Textbook. To download the eBooks right click and open in a new window. The eBook will be in .epub extension so add the extension before opening this files. In addition, the epub extension links for google chrome and Firefox is available in this tab.
  • Vocational Education: This tab is full of vocational text book links.

These are few points that I have to mentioned. NCERT website is full of mysterious Links to the students who really want to learn new things. Its Only about the time you need to explore and you will learn lots of information.

I will end this article here today, but promise to bring some more information for you guys about the NCERT website; because lots of things is there to explore. So Stay tuned with our website for

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