Dr.Himanta Biswa Sarma Latest Announcement Today

21st May 2020, Thursday; Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma held a press conference in NHM Office. Three important announcement was made, they are as follows-

Making an announcement, Dr. Himanat says that through Assam Care Foundation Govt will provide a monthly stipend for three months; for those who were outside of Assam. Around 361170 register people had received Rs.2000/- from Assam Care Fund, i.e Rs.72, 23, 40,000 as the first installment. The second installment will be paid by tomorrow. He further mentions that the third installment will be paid in the month of June. He also mentioned that Assam Govt is the first state, to provide the second installment of funds to the people outside residing outside the state.

Another announcement he made, around 860 people are in treatment outside of Assam, and some of them have returned home. By tomorrow the list of people will be prepare from 104 Helpline. Those people who are still under treatment outside Assam, they will receive an Rs.25000/- package.

Some of the people who have not received the relief fund, due to various reasons. Dr. Himanta says that the area local MLA, DC, SDC can prepare a list of those persons including the bank account, address, etc, and send it to Assam Govt. Those people will also be benefited from the package.

Source: Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma Press Meet at NHM Office

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