Himanta Bishwa Sharma throw Spotlight on SEBA & AHSEC Results & Summer Vacation| Press meet @ NHM Office

Assam’s Education and Health Minister, Mr. Himanta Biswa Sarma recently while addressing to press conference at NHM Office, highlighted the topic of HSLC and HSSLC results and Schools Summer vacation.

Mr. Sarma also throws a spotlight on the education department and mentions some of the important points. Discussing the matter of School academic sessions, he mentioned that Govt has a thought on academic year; which probably be extended to March-end; which is yet to be discussed with SEBA. Clarifying to media he also urge helps and suggestions from the educationalist of Assam regarding the academic sessions. And final decision will be made later on.

While an important note he announced that the summer vacation for this year, assumed for students from 1 May to 31 May.

Replying to the press, Mr. Himanta Biswa Sarma also mentioned that the SEBA i.e Board of School Education & AHSEC ie Assam Higher Secondary Education Council will soon release in the middle of JUNE.

Adding to the conversation he states that mark-sheet will not be provided to the student this year offline; rather students will have a digital mark sheet. Meanwhile, students can avail of the mark sheet Online in SEBA online portal for admission purposes. The decision is made looking into the current pandemic situation.

Moreover, the College admission this year will be through Online application. He added that for the future purpose to help students financially, online application information will be utilized by Govt.

He also mentioned that from 26 May to 28 May, HS 2nd Year student can collect their Text Books from Colleges/Institutions while maintaining the social distancing measures.

Meanwhile, semester students of colleges might have UGC guidelines on due days. Mr. Himanta also urges the students to download the DIKHSA App where various Online courses were available.

For research scholars Mr. Sarma also announced that relaxation on traveling to the Institution will be made for them.

Expressing to another concept after the 31st May he also mentioned that students can avail college education from there nearest college institutions. While class for school students may be taken on a certain place by the Teachers in groups. Which is again a concept and yet to be finalized by the board. That will be announced later through the media.

Also from 9th May, routine courses will be made on due days for Secondary and Sr. Secondary level of Students in Assam. The routine will be published in the newspaper and students will be rewarded for joining the course.

Mr.Sarma end the press conference by mentioning some other points on bringing the outside students to Assam.

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