How To Get Land “Jamabandi” in Assam Through Online?

Are you suffering to collect your land Jamabandi copy in Assam? If yes! Then don’t worry! Today In this article I’m going to present you an easiest prosess to get your own land Jamabandi copy. Also, I’m will mentioned What do you mean Jamabandi? And Why it is important for us? So, guys don’t skip this article, Read the article untill the last to know everything about Land Jamabandi copy in Assam.

So, without futher delay, Let me start with the first question. What do you mean by “Jamabandi“?

What is Jamabandi?

Jamabandi is a government records of right (ROR) of a village  The Jamabandi Register contains name of owners, area of land, shares of owners and other Rights. It also indicates cultivation, rent and revenue and other cesses payable on land.

For example, If you have a “land” and these land property is registered by the government on your name with area in a government registered copy. And this is copy (Nakal) is called Jamabandi.

Why it is important for us?

  • It is very important for Land buy & sell purpose.
  • It is important to check right owner name on this land.
  • It is important to check Total area of land.
  • It is important to check old status or current status of land.

How to Get Jamabandi (Nakal) copy in Assam through online?

Yes! Now, You don’t need to visit revenue circle office for getting Jamabandi Nakal copy. Now, You can easily check your Jamabandi Nakal from your house. Yes! Assam government has launched a website called where you can easily get your Jamabandi Nakal & Chitha Nakal by entering your Land Patta No. And if you want to get now then follow my given below steps.

How to Get Jamabandi Nakal by Patta No?

  • First of all, You have to VISIT The Official website called (¬†INTEGRATED LAND RECORDS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (ILRMS)
  • Next, Click Display Jamabandi by entering Patta No.
  • After that, You will see a page like this
  • Now, Select your district name.
  • Next, Select these options
  • That’s it! Your Land Jamabandi Nakal copy is appered on your computer or mobile screen.
  • To print this copy, scroll down and click the option called “print this page”

That’s all about Jamabandi Nakal in Assam. If you have any questions regarding this topic then feel free to comment below, We will reply as soon as possible. Also don’t forget to share this article with others. Thank You.

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