How To Apply for Next Of Kin Certificate in Assam?

Are you looking to apply for Next of Kin Certificate? If yes! then you are in the right place. Yes! Today in this article I’m going to share my experience about Next of Kin Certificate and the certificate related few questions and answers such as how you can apply this, where to go for apply this and why it is important for us.

Hello everyone, I’m Rantu and you were reading my article on How to apply for Next of Kin Certificate in Assam. You may know it is a very important certificate for us. So, without wasting any time let’s get started to the main topic which is Next of Kin Certificate application process?

But first of all let us understand What is Next of Kin Certificate and why it is important for us. I hope you understand why I’m taking this paragraph first.

What is Next of Kin Certificate?

In a short definition, Next of Kin means closest living blood relative or relatives. In full definition, If a person died, after that, that person’s family members want to prove that we have a blood relation with that died person’s legally, that legally offered certificate will be Next of Kin certificate.

For Example, My father has died, and I have four family members which are still living, and If I want to prove that my father’s relation with me and my other three family members in a legal certificate that giving government certificate will be next of Kin certificate.

And this certificate is very important for us. It needs various government officials to prove a blood relationship with parents. Let’s see Why this certificate is important for us.

Why Next of Kin Certificate is Important for us?

As I told you above, that this certificate is very important to prove your father’s and mother’s relationship with you. It requires in various government offices such as circle office, DC office, Goan Panchayat and some other govt. office.

Here is a common government department where this certificate required most for below-mentioned reasons

  • DC Office: If you want to go in a DC office (land department) to include your name and your other family member names as a “PATTADAR” in your father’s or mother’s land property, for that reasons Next Of Kin is a mandatory certificate.
  • Area Circle Office: If you live in a village area and you want to visit your nearest revenue circle office to include your name and your other family member names as a “PATTADAR” in your father’s or mother’s land property, for that reasons Next Of Kin is a mandatory certificate or you can also give written document by GAONBURHA. If Next of Kin certificate not available.
  • Warris Namjari: Next of Kin Certificate is mandatory for including warris namjari for your ancestral property in revenue circle.

So, If there are some reasons like above, then you have to make this without wasting your time, following are the required documents for Online and Offline and procedure to apply for Next Of Kin Certificate in Assam.

What are documents required to apply for Next of Kin Certificate in Assam?

There are two important documents that applicant have which is the Death certificate of the deceased person and relationship link certificate of the deceased person. Here are below-mentioned documents names

  1. Death Certificate of the Deceased Person.
  2. Valid documents showing a relationship with the deceased person.
  3. Self-declaration affidavit.

Valid Relationship documents such as

  • Pan Card (deceased person name included)
  • School Certificate (where your deceased person name included) sign by the Headmaster or any government institute.
  • NRC Legacy Document (Where deceased name included with you)

If you have above-listed documents then you can easily go for applying the Next Of Kin Certificate.

What is the Application Procedure for making Next Of Kin Certificate?

There are two ways for applying this, One is Online and other is Offline. Let’s discussed about Online first.

Next of Kin Certificate ONLINE Apply Process:

  • Visit your nearest CSC Centres.
  • Ask them to apply for Next Of Kin Certificate.
  • Give your father’s or Mother’s death Certificate Scan Copy
  • And give relationship or link documents with your death parents.
  • Give your other required details while filling the form by the Computer Operator.
  • After submitted the form successfully, The Computer Operator will give a printed acknowledgement slip to you.
  • Pay the required application fee after getting the printed acknowledgement slip.
  • At last, don’t forget to ask the computer operator or CSC centre owner to notify you about your submitted application form status.

OFFLINE Apply Process:

If you want it through the OFFLINE process then you have to visit your nearest circle office under the DC office premises. and follow the given below steps

  • First of all, you have to fill the Next Of Kin Application form
  • Next, enclose the photocopy of the death certificate of the deceased person
  • also enclosed the photocopy of your family members link documents with the deceased person (such as Pan card, School certificate, NRC Legacy data certificate, etc) along with the application form.
  • And Self-declaration affidavit.
  • That’s it! Visit the DC Office PFC branch then ask them where the counter for Next of Kin Certificate apply. The office staff will guide you to the actual counter.
  • And then give the above-listed document that you have.
  • Pay the fee the get acknowledgement slip.
  • That’s it! they will call you once the certificate will ready.


At last from my side, I want to say just once thing, that stock your all required documents for any future references. Because without any legal or government documents you can’t prove yourself at any stages to survive in this country. So, if you facing land-related problems then Next of kin Certificate is essential for you. I hope you that this article might be helpful for you in future.

If you like this article then don’t forget to share with others, because there are lot’s of miss guider is available in the market. And don’t ask to make these documents (Next of Kin certificate) with a land broker (Dalal). If you do your job then you will get an experience of this document. Thanks for visiting our blog/website

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