Everything About NRC Assam Result | Complete Draft NRC & Final Result 2018

Hello Everyone, Are you waiting to check your names in NRC 2nd list or Draft. If yes! Then you are in the right place. Yes! Today through this article we will talk all NRC Assam FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) or More. So, I hope you see the full report of mine about NRC Complete Draft.

Before I start Let me talk about the first part draft NRC. Yes! As we all know that, First part draft NRC is already published on the internet on 31st December 2017. And we already checked our names on the 1st draft NRC list. And the same list came in somebody’s name and nobody came.

Those people whose names have not been mentioned in the 1st list, It may come in the upcoming 2nd part list or the complete draft.

So, therefore, We should know that When the 2nd part draft NRC will publish? And How can you Check the NRC 2nd result Online?

Latest 04/07/2018: According to the most recent reports, NRC Assam Officials has fixed, that the Complete or 2nd draft NRC will be published on 30th July 2018 said by Pratik Hajela.

Before I start talking about, Let me have a look at the NRC official websites.

NRC Result Check Official Websites/Portals

Here are the answers of questions mentioned above.

When will the 2nd Part Draft NRC come?

According to the latest NRC reports, Supreme court has given a deadline publish Complete draft NRC list and Final result on 30 July & 31st December 2018 Respectively. And we can expect to announce the 2nd part NRC result in last week of April 2018. You can also read our NRC 2nd part draft FAQ.

And the next question is How Can you Check the NRC 2nd result?

And the Answer is, There are five (5) ways to check NRC Draft. Here are ways below.

  1. Online: You can check your NRC result via Online. It means ARN Based search. You can see or read What is ARN Based search to Find your Names in the part draft NRC list.
  2. Offline/Walk-In: Also, You can check via Offline. It means You have to visit the NRC Seva Kendra to check your names physically.

However, you have three (3) other options to check NRC result.

  1. Pre-Registration: You can check your NRC result via pre-registration of your mobile number. Send your ARN (Application Receipt Number) to 9765556555. After that, They will send your NRC result report.
  2. SMS: Same as the above process.
  3. Toll-Free-Number: Call 24×7 Toll Free Helpline Nos. 15107 (from Assam) and 18003453762 (from outside Assam) to know about your name in Draft NRC.

Complete Draft NRC

These are the five ways to check NRC result in Assam.

After 2nd NRC list, They will publish the Complete draft NRC or Final NRC result.

If your name is incorrect in the draft NRC/Complete draft NRC/Final draft list then How can you correct it?

We also have the solution of this problem. Following are the steps below.

How to Correct/Include Your Name in NRC?

  • First of all, you have to visit at NRC Seva Kendra Office of your nearest area.
  • Ask the officials staff to give an NRC Claim/Correction File (NRC name correction form)
  • Fill the form carefully and send it to the LRCR (Local Registrar of Citizens Registrations).
  • Take a receipt shall be issued by the office staff at the NRC centre.
  • A notice shall be issued within a stipulated time for a hearing of the correction petition.

To know Full NRC File Claims & Objections Read our article.

What is ARN Based Search?

ARN means Application Receipt Number. This number is listed on your NRC Application Receipt. NRC officials have built some quick portal or website to check your NRC result via ARN. Yes! If you enter your ARN with those portal boxes and search. You will get your names in the NRC part draft Result. This is all about ARN based search.

About Complete Draft NRC:

Complete draft NRC is a draft or khosora. Yes! In this draft, they will include all pending names and verification data in one complete draft. This draft is coming soon. As per supreme court order, it may come on 31st May 2018. But According to the latest NRC Assam News, NRC complete draft will be published on 30 June 2018.

NRC Assam Final Result 2018:

The Final NRC result will be published on 30th June 2018 as per supreme court orders. After getting Final NRC result in Assam. We will find the total number of the citizen in Assam. Also, we will get one printed NRC names holder card as an identity proof of Assam.

What is NRC Assam Hearing & How  I Can Check my ARN is required Hearing Or Not?

NRC Assam Hearing is a verification process to check your NRC Application Form. Yes! In this process, LRCR (Local Registrar of Citizens Registration) will send a notice to attend in Hearing office regarding NRC Application verification. You Read our article about NRC Assam Hearing

And If you want to check your NRC Application Form or ARN is required Hearing or Not then, you have to visit nrcassamhearing.in/. And type your ARN (Application Receipt Number) with a Captcha. That’s simple process will help you to know that your ARN required a hearing or not.

Video on NRC Assam Latest News:

NRC Assam helpline Number for Any Queries:

  • 15107
  • & 18003453762.

That’s all about NRC 2nd result/Complete draft & Final result 2018. If you have any question regarding this topic, then feel free to comment below. We will reply as soon as possible. Thank You.


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