NRC Correction Form: An Application To Correct Wrong Name from Draft NRC [Explained]

As you all know, The Complete Draft NRC has published Successfully on 30th July 2018. And from this draft, We have already found 40+ Lacs people where their names have appeared in the Draft NRC. But do you know, What will happen Next? Ok! Well, NRC Assam has decided to start Claims & Objection, and Correction Process to the people whose names have not included in draft NRC. In this process, You can able to resubmit your Claims & Objection & Correction request to the NRC officials by filling these three (3) forms. The process will begin from 30th August to 28th September 2018. So, I thought, It will be the best time to share about NRC Correction, Objection & Claims procedure. I have already written about the NRC Claim Form. And In this article, I’m going to share the “NRC Correction Form”.

So, If your names come wrong in the Complete draft NRC and you want to submit a request regarding this name correction, then this article will be helpful for you. So, Without further delay, Let’s us Know, What is NRC Correction Form?

What is NRC Correction Form?

NRC Correction Form is an application form for those whose names published as wrong the complete draft NRC. Yes! If your Name come Wrong or any typing/spelling mistakes then you can able to correct those names by using this form. So, this form is called the NRC Correction Form. After that, You can able check your Correct name in the Final NRC which will be published in December 2018.

Now the questions When the form will be available & where?

NRC Correction Form Available Date & Venue:

The Correction form will be available from 30th August to 28th September 2018. And it will start giving at your nearest NRC Seva Kendra. Also, You can able to submit this form from 30th August to 28th Septemeber. If you want to see NRC Correction From specimen copy, then Click here.

How to Fill-up this Form?

It is very easy to fill-up this form, Follow the given below to know How?

Steps by Steps:

In this form, There is two part that you have to fill, One is

  1. The manner in which data displayed in Draft: means You have to enter your names shown in the Current Draft (As per your Complete Draft NRC data)
  2. Correction Data: And then you have to submit your correct name details in this section.

In the first part, you have to enter your Current ARN & Name details

  • Name
  • Age/DOB
  • Place of Birth
  • Present Address
  • Permanent Address

In the Second Part, You need to enter your name Correction Details.

  • Name
  • Age/DOB
  • Place of Birth
  • Present Address
  • Permanent Address

After that, You need to put your signature, name of the applicant & Contact Address in the footer of the Form.

Where I submit the Form?

After completing all the details required as per the form, then you need to visit your nearest NRC SEVA KENDRA and then ask the NSK official Staff, where I submit the NRC Name Correction form. They will guide you regarding form submission.

NRC Name Correction Form FAQs:

  • I have found my name come as wrong in the NRC draft, How to Correct it?

You have to download NRC Correction form from the NRC official website and fill-up it correctly and submit it your nearest NSK.

  • What is the procedure to Submit NRC Correction Form?

As per the leaked report, You can able to submit your Correction form online. But I’m not sure about this information. Still, there is no official statement occurred with this leaked report. Still, I’m confident with the offline form submission process. Once I got the official news regarding NRC Online name correction system, then I will update this notification with the new one.


That’s all about NRC Name Correction form. If you have any doubt regarding this topics then feel free to comment below, I will try to reply to your comment as soon as possible. Also, Don’t FOrget to share this article with others. Thank You.


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