How To Find NRC Legacy Data Online & Offline?

Hello Friends, Are you looking for NRC Legacy Data? If yes! Then you are in the right place. Yes! Today In this article I’m going to tell you What is Legacy Data? Why is it essential for us? And How to get NRC Legacy Data online? Also, I will talk about Some website where you can search or check your legacy data. So, read this article to the end and know everything about NRC Legacy Data.

So, First let me begin with What is Legacy Data?

What is Legacy Data?

It is the database where the name of the citizens are registered; namely, the documents of 1951 NRC (National Register of Citizens) and Electoral Rolls upto midnight of 24th March 1971 where the name of the citizens are entered are collectively called as the Legacy Data. It is an essential document or proof of yourself that you are an Indian Citizen. I hope you guys remember the family tree process how the generation is related to one another. If Your great-grandfather Name is in the Legacy Data between the time mentioned above then you are a legal citizen of Assam.

Why Is Legacy Data Important for us?

There are lots of illegal citizens who migrate and staying in Assam illegally as a result increased in population. As the Assam Govt is in the way to seal the Indo-Bangla borderline it is essential to flush out the illegal citizen first. Now the question arises how the government flush out the illegal citizen? That is how NRC Assam Come into account to remove the foreigners. Now, One should require the proof that he/she is an Indian Citizen. There is how you can use the Legacy Data as an essential proof.

I hope we understand that the Legacy Data document is the database of that period which would be carrying the names of a very large number of persons together, admissible to prove the claim for inclusion in NRC updated for the state of Assam. One has to provide the proof of residence in Assam of himself/herself or his/her ancestors before midnight of 24th March 1971 for inclusion in NRC. As such the probability of finding one’s name or that of the ancestors would be very high only in the Legacy Data. This would be the most commonly used document. That is why it is important.

So, Now the question is How to find Legacy data? Here is answer below:

How to Find or How to search NRC Legacy Data?

There are two options to get NRC Legacy data in Assam. One is Offline and other is Online. Yes! If you chose Offline or Hardcopy, then you have visited your nearest NRC Seva Kendra to collect your 1951 Legacy data. Also If you want Online or softcopy then you have visit NRC Assam Official website &

Types to search Legacy Data online:

Yes! There are three types to search or find Legacy data online. Here are the given below:

  • Village Image search
  • Village list search
  • Village ID search.

If you choose the 1st option, then you have followed below instruction.

Village Image search:

  1. First of all, you have to VISIT the Official site to search Village Image at
  2. Next, Click on the option VIllage Image search
  3. And select your district & Village Name.
  4. And then Click on the View Image option.
  5. That’s it! After few seconds you will see your name list for your village.

Village List Search:

  1. Same as above. But you have to select Village list search; Then you will get other steps automatically.

Village ID search:

Village ID is Numerical Number which is listed on your Village image or list. Now you have to note down your Village ID from your Village image. It will be convenient and straightforward to search Village image by entering Village ID.

If you want to know all the FAQ regarding NRC Legacy Data, then you here is the official link below

Currently, NRC Legacy data search online process is not available for you. You have to Visit NRC Seva Kendra and ask them to give your Legacy data documents. Then they will help you more.

So, that’s all about NRC Legacy Data search by online and offline. If you have any questions regarding this topic or NRC Assam draft, then you can leave a question in our comment section, or you can directly call at NRC helpline number 15107 (For Assam) 18003453762 (from outside Assam ). I will try to reply the answer soon. Thank You For reading this article.


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