Press Meet Highlights of Himanta Biswa Sarma| 14.05.2020

Finance & Health Minister of Assam Mr. Himanta Biswa Sarma came LIVE today and had a press conference at the NHM office to discuss the COVID situation of Assam. Addressing to the press, Mr. Himanta describes the fact of the female cardiac patients which was found to be COVID Positive, and her mother stayed to nourish her child, despite the situation that she might also become COVID Positive.

Further, he discussed the COVID Situation in Fancy Bazar Guwahati. Tracing the contact person through Line listing, out of 32 samples, GMCH declared 15 Positive cases.

Mr Himanta requests the Guwahati pupils, who have travelled to Rajkamal Hotel, near the area of “potato godown” infancy Bazar during the last six days; and any COVID symptoms shows in their body, they are to request to dial 104 emergency contact number.

Sharing data he states that Assam has a total of 86 number positive cases with 02 death, under treatment positive case is 43, a total 40 no of patients are discharged, migrated out 01.

Discussing a serious matter, he mentioned that Assam has imported 4060 persons from the rest of India so far using the land road through Shirirampur Gate, through Sagoliya Gate 630 no persons. Concluding, that using land road 4690 passengers has arrived in Assam.

Whereas the number of passengers from the North East is 6412, which were kept on home quarantine mode because they have come from the green zone other North East State.

The positive cases out of this 4690+6412 person 18 cases are found to be positive.

Talking to press he said that today’s night will be challenging one as tonight 219 passengers from Delhi to Dibrugarh, and Kishak Sharmik Express will reach to Mizoram today, where 625 passengers from this express will drop in Assam. These 800 plus person is to be received and kept quarantine today.

He also mentioned about the Standard Operative Procedure, which is a new standard quarantine policy taken by Assam Govt. Some of the highlights of the quarantine policy-

  • Ministry of Railways will provide the passenger Lists, in time. And Assam Police in association with 104 passenger details will be collected through call. Meanwhile, a separate manifest will be prepared with all the details log of the person where they will be drop,
  • Through this manifest, the district will be alerted immediately to receive the persons,
  • The Segregation will be made on the first level in the railway station if the passenger is found to in doubt of COVID, and immediately taken for isolations, remaining will be sent for home quarantine,
  • Govt will provide permission to DC, to hire all the Hotels on rent to keep these passengers with the bathroom attached. Assam Govt. Tourist House, Circuit House, IB, Guesthouse, etc will be also taken requisition under rent
  • Senior (above 75 years), Pregnant women, Family with a minor child ( 10 years below), Divyang persons will be home quarantine. Govt. also promises to provide the necessary food/ration for 14 days for the entire family.
  • From the SRF technique, the test report will be sent directly to the personal mobile phone to the quarantined person. However, negative results will not imply that the person will be set off from the quarantine period.
  • Paid Quarantine will be withdrawn.

Mentioning to the press he also mentioned that there is no place for bureaucrats and political interference in testing. Its totally depends on the doctors and microbiologist which will be prioritized.

Apart from that Good NEWS is from tomorrow all GMCH workers, doctors will be resuming the Hospital.

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