UReport India: Participate in Covid QUIZ @ WhatsApp/ Facebook/ Telegram

Recently the MyGOVASSAM official Tweeter handle as well as their official Facebook page, write about UReport Corona Quiz. The official tweet urge people to test their reasoning power and enrich knowledge by joining UReport Covid Quiz, which is presented by UNICEF in association with MYGOV Assam.

The initiatives are taken to prepare basic scenery on what problems you are facing or to analyze the situation in your local area. You can start the quiz now on the platform WhatsApp, Facebook, or Telegram. Here is how you can start to report in the UReport CQUIZ:

For Whats-app: You need to type “CQUIZ and send it to the WhatsApp number +91 9650414141. another way is to visit the link given in the twitter handle. Just click on the link.

For Facebook/Telegram: To start the quiz on Facebook/Telegram you have to go in your message box and select the new message option. Just search for “UReport India” in the “To” section and the option shows up. Click on that and start your quiz.

Here take a peek on the official tweeter handle of @MyGovAssam-

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