Weekly Assignment for Degree Students Released By Education Department, Assam

Education Department, Assam today released a notification regarding Weekly Assignment for the students of degree level during the lockdown period.

All three-stream (TDC Arts, Science, Commerce) students are included on this weekly assignment submit provided by Education Department, Assam.

The notification has made clear the respective assignment topics to be completed by the students class wise along with their timelines.

The students should start working on their assignments from the date of issue of notification and the last date of completing the assignment is 14-06-2020.

Four topics have been assigned to each class or each stream.

According to the notification Best 300 students will be awarded by the State Government. in the following parameters.

  1. Students of TDC (All Semester) will participate
  2. After lockdown, every college will select the best three entries from each category and will submit to the office of the M.D. RUSA, Assam. M.D. RUSA with the support of subject expert will select 100 best entries from each category and submit to the Department of Higher Education, Assam

The student will write on the particular topic given for the week at their home only. The student will submit the same to the head of the respective colleges after the lockdown withdrew. Teachers will evaluate the same after opening the collages.

See full official notification here

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